In a significant development for photonic quantum hardware in Denmark, Sparrow Quantum and the Novo Nordisk Foundation Quantum Computing Programme (NQCP) at the Niels Bohr Institute have formalized a collaboration agreement.

Originating from innovative research at the Niels Bohr Institute, Sparrow Quantum continues its collaborative journey by co-locating their commercial lab spaces with NQCP, enhancing opportunities for synergy and solidifying their shared commitment to advancing photonic quantum technology.

The collaboration will leverage the unique strengths of both organizations – Sparrow’s engineering prowess and NQCP’s materials science expertise. It involves pooling critical resources, such as sharing advanced photonic production and testing equipment, which will enrich the research and development environment at NBI and facilitate significant advancements.

Moreover, the collaboration emphasizes a commitment to nurturing future talent in the field. Both organizations will jointly work on knowledge-sharing and educational initiatives, providing hands-on training to students to cultivate a skilled workforce well-equipped to propel the future of quantum hardware, ensuring a sustained impact on the field.

Reflecting on the collaboration’s potential, Kurt Stokbro, CEO of Sparrow Quantum, stated, “Our joint efforts with NQCP are geared towards developing innovative solutions that will help establish Denmark as a pivotal player in the global quantum technology landscape.”

About the Novo Nordisk Foundation Quantum Computing Programme (NQCP):

The Novo Nordisk Foundation Quantum Computing Programme (NQCP) is a cutting-edge mission-driven quantum programme in Copenhagen, Denmark. The long-term mission of the programme is to develop fault-tolerant quantum computing hardware and quantum algorithms that solve life-science-relevant chemical and biological problems.

The programme encompasses research and innovations at multiple levels – from developing scalable quantum processor technologies to solutions for the quantum-classical control and readout interface, and all the way to quantum algorithms and applications.

NQCP is located in central Copenhagen at the legendary Niels Bohr Institute, University of Copenhagen. Their work to develop the future of quantum computing takes place in the very same buildings that housed the formulation of Quantum Mechanics 100 years ago. Read more and see open positions at their website –