an integrated chip for on-demand highly coherent single photon streams

Your opportunity to advance the future of quantum achievements

Sparrow Quantum is a quantum technology company designing, developing, and manufacturing top-quality single-photon sources for photonic quantum applications and technologies

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Ready to realize your quantum photonic applications?

The Sparrow Single-Photon Chip generates high fidelity single photons
at high rates.

With our product you obtain an on-demand single-photon source: A true quantum system enabling you to explore quantum features and implement quantum experiments and applications

How to realize quantum photonic applications?

Solid-state deterministic single-photon sources are expected to become the building blocks of future quantum technologies spanning from quantum communication and computing to quantum simulations, sensing, and metrology.

Differently from probabilistic single-photon sources, deterministic quantum emitters provide high on-demand single-photon rates featuring impressive quantum photonic features. This combination is essential to enable any quantum experiment or application which employs single photons as carriers of quantum information.

At Sparrow Quantum we manufacture quantum chips that emit high fidelity single-photons with excellent quantum features. Our devices are the enabling technology for your quantum photonic projects! You can avoid spending time in the quantum emitter development and optimization and directly start your experiment being sure of having a World-class quantum emitter in your hands!

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