A scalable solution for efficient quantum light generation

Our planar design for the quantum emitter chip is absolutely unique: we can guide quantum light along the chip with >90% efficiency. An ultra-low noise environment is achieved by applying a controlled electric field to trap the residual charges that typically deteriorate the emission coherence of the quantum dot. The combination of these features leads to the highest fidelity of single-photon generation available in the market.

Our expertise in nanophotonic design and fabrication is based on more than 15 years of research achievements which led to our world-class product: the first on-chip, scalable, and deterministic single-photon source available in the market.

Our key technology is the unique nanostructuring of the nanophotonic environment around the source enabling the manipulation of photon emission.

We can offer you this unique combination of quantum photonic properties for each quantum dot source:

  • Near unity β-factor: deterministic source
  • Near unity purity: pure single-photon emission statistics
  • Near unity indistinguishability across 100s of photons: efficient single-photon processing based on quantum interference – Why is this important to me?

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