Single-photon source

A magical deterministic lantern

It might seem like a small achievement, but emitting one photon at a time is a big deal in the quantum world!

Why? In quantum communication and computing, photons need to be released one at a time to ensure accurate and secure information transmission. Imagine sending a text message; if all the letters get jumbled together, it’s impossible to decipher. Similarly, if multiple photons are emitted at once, the message they carry can become corrupted or lost.

To send single photons requires a source that can emit light so precisely that only one photon is released at a time – like a magical lantern that only lights up exactly when you need it to. This is called a single-photon source, and its precision enables quantum systems to perform tasks impossible for classical systems.

That’s the power of single-photon sources, making sure the quantum world runs smoothly and spectacularly, one photon at a time. So, while it may seem like a small trick, the ability to emit one photon at a time is a fundamental breakthrough. It’s the key to unlocking the extraordinary potential of quantum technologies, where the tiniest particles can achieve the most monumental feats.

Single-photon Source demonstrates industry-leading specs in Vienna

Explore how Sparrow Quantum’s on-chip single-photon source delivers industry-leading specs at Vienna University

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