Quantum internet

A spy’s worst nightmare


Imagine a world where spies can’t eavesdrop on your messages. That’s the promise of the quantum internet, a technology that makes communications virtually unhackable.

Central to this network are tiny particles of light called photons. These photons can become “entangled”, sharing a special connection no matter how far apart they are. If you do something to one entangled photon, the other is instantly affected, even if they are across the globe!

This means any attempt to intercept a message changes the state of the photons, alerting both the sender and the receiver, making the quantum internet incredibly secure.

With quantum satellites, entangled photons can be sent over long distances, creating a secure network for sensitive information. The quantum internet won’t replace the classical internet but will enhance it with unprecedented security.

Welcome to a future where your secrets are safer than ever, thanks to quantum physics and photons!

Quantum internet alliance

Sparrow is part of the Quantum Internet Alliance (QIA), a technology forum set to achieve the moonshot mission of building the world’s first global quantum internet made in Europe.

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