Quantum advantage

A rivalry for the ages


Picture a thrilling tennis match where the tennis balls are like algorithms being hit back and forth by computer scientists, each trying to see whether a classical or quantum computer can run them faster.

Whenever a quantum computer appears to take the lead with a faster solution, the classical computer always seems to serve back an even quicker time, resulting in a deeply competitive deuce.

This intense rivalry continues until, one day, the quantum computer proves it can consistently outperform the classical computer in running certain algorithms. This decisive victory is what we call achieving “quantum advantage.”

In 2019 (and again in 2023) Google made headlines by claiming to have achieved quantum advantage with their quantum processor, Sycamore. The experiment demonstrated that Sycamore could solve a problem in seconds that would take the world’s fastest supercomputer decades to complete.

This monumental achievement showcased the incredible potential of quantum computing and marked a significant milestone in the ongoing rivalry between quantum and classical machines.

Strengthening the path towards quantum advantage in Europe

SupremeQ is a quantum dream team on a game-changing mission to make quantum advantage achievable and widely accessible.

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