Fault tolerance

Embrace the noise: Problem solved!


Ever tried having a conversation with a friend at a rock concert? When the volume is low, it’s easy to chat. But as the volume of the music and crowd increases, the noise from the concert makes it hard to communicate effectively.

Now, imagine a quantum computer as a rock concert. The audience consists of qubits that also like to keep a conversation going. However, they face the same challenge of a noisy environment, making it hard for their messages to get through. This is where fault-tolerant quantum computing comes into play.

Similar to using special hand signals to communicate in a noisy crowd, fault-tolerant techniques employ advanced error correction and redundancy methods to encode and protect quantum information from surrounding noise.

These methods help preserve the delicate quantum states, ensuring reliable quantum computation even amidst a noisy quantum environment.

So bring on the big, noisy quantum computer concerts — there are techniques to get our messages through!

Elevating Denmarks role in fault-tolerant photonic quantum computing

Sparrow Quantum is involved in the ‘Fault-Tolerant Quantum Photonics’ (FTQP) project, aiming to advance quantum hardware using fault-tolerant architectures and deterministic single-photon emitters.

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