Boson Sampler

Meet the photon juggler


A boson sampler is a type of quantum computer that uses photons to perform computations. This quantum device sends the photons through a labyrinth of pathways, creating a dazzling array of possible outcomes.

Scientists measure these outcomes to sample a probability distribution that’s nearly impossible for classical computers to predict.

It’s like trying to decipher a magical juggler’s next move as he tosses around an ever-growing number of identical balls in a mesmerizingly complex pattern—blindfolded. Each ball represents a photon, and the juggler’s intricate moves are like the beam splitters and phase shifters in a boson sampler.

Though it’s not a full-fledged quantum computer, the boson sampler showcases the incredible power of quantum mechanics, performing feats that leave classical systems in the dust.

It’s a glimpse into the future where quantum tricks might solve some of our biggest computational puzzles!

Delivering Boson Sampler to NQCC

ORCA Computing is working closely with Sparrow Quantum to deliver a photonic quantum computing testbed to the National Quantum Computing Centre in the UK early 2025.

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